Reasons to Wear High-Quality Clothing For an Extreme Physical Activity

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When you’re only a beginner in physical activity, such as working out, you’d probably not consider buying activewear yet, since those are usually pricey. After all, activewear is made from fabrics with unique properties that make your workouts feel more comfortable. But despite that, you’d be happy to be in your old T-shirt and shorts, and only give activewear a chance when you’ve already achieved your fitness goals.

Speaking of fitness, activewear’s style could be another reason workout beginners shy away from them. Those clothing are usually skin tight and skimpy, making people who aren’t confident with their bodies self-conscious. But alternatively, wearing the wrong workout clothes may do them more harm than good. Some cheap shirts, for example, have poor breathability and wicking properties, making their wearer feel sick and uncomfortable after a high-intensity interval training workout.

Similarly, improper and low-quality sporting clothes can cause injuries and major discomforts in their wearers. So before throwing on your ten-year-old shirt or boots again, reconsider your choice and find out why clothing type and quality are more crucial than you think.

The Right Clothing Boosts Your Confidence

Activewear may cling to your body like your second skin, but once you’re in it, you’d instantly get in the mood for working out. But if you’d rather not flaunt your angles and curves yet, you can wear something loose and comfortable, as long you’re not cycling or running. Baggy sweatpants may get stuck in your pedals or feet, and cause an accident.

Wearing the right athletic clothing stimulates a phenomenon called “enclothed cognition”, a psychological response that makes you more confident because of your appearance. It instills a belief that if you look good, you’ll also perform a workout routine or sport better.

Think of your athletic clothing the way you would to a job interview attire. If you show up on an interview looking dapper in your dress shirt, cravat, and straightened slacks, paired with a polished pair of leather shoes, you’d feel more positive that you’d get the job. The actual outcome may not always be in your favor, but better feel at your best than wish to shrink into the shadows because your clothes are out of place.

High-quality Clothing Fits Your Body Correctly

The way your clothes fit also matters highly in any physical activity. Yoga and Pilates, for example, will feel easier and more comfortable if you’re donning fitted and stretchy fabrics. Your proper clothing will allow you to execute all the stretches and positions correctly because it doesn’t get in your way.


Sports bras are another crucial workout and sports garment. When they fit just right, they’d keep your breasts snug and almost immobile as you move around. The elastic band at the bottom won’t ride up, unlike regular bras that barely keep still when you’re moving. You can also remove the padding from a sports bra, and make it more breathable in turn. And lastly, good-quality sports bras have moisture-wicking properties that prevent you from feeling sticky and hot.

Proper, High-quality Clothing Protects You From the Weather

When you’re engaging in an outdoor activity, the type, thickness, and layers of your clothing will determine how much you’ll enjoy and whether you’ll end up sick or not. If you skip the gloves on a skiing trip, for example, then expect your hands to burn from the frost. And needless to say, you’ll not be skiing that day, unless you can rent a good pair of gloves.

Now that we’re near winter, let’s focus on dressing up for skiing. If it’s your first time, the number 1 rule to remember is don’t wear denim. That fabric type has no wind-resistance or wind-proofing, and you’ll need a lot of those as you slide down the sloping terrain.

Take off your sunglasses too and replace them with a sturdy pair of goggles. The former option may look more photogenic, but they won’t do much in protecting your eyes from the blast of the cold wind. Chances are they’d even fall off your eyes as you start skiing. So choose goggles, and ensure that they’re flush against your helmet at all times.

As for the rest of your clothing, wear a sweat-wicking undershirt, and layer it with fleece or any other insulating fabric. Layer your socks as well, and protect your head with a hood and a hat, and your ears with a thick muffler.

Choose top brands for your skiing attire, such as an Obermeyer men’s jacket. Branded clothing may be a splurge, but it’s money well-spent, as opposed to money spent on treating injuries.

While it’s not always necessary to wear expensive athletic clothing, at least prioritize quality over quantity. Buying ten of the same cheap clothes may be a bang for your buck, but sooner or later, they might get torn, faded, and loosened, because of their poor quality. So make every athletic garment an investment.

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