Raise the Level of Your Cycling

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Cycling is a great way to exercise, but the roads can get tedious and a bit boring. Change it up with new scenery, more challenging terrain, and cleaner air by taking your bike to the mountains.

More Relaxing

Mountain Biking is a lot less stressful than cycling on roads. There are no cars to be wary of, and most bikers will be fairly laid back. Cyclists can be a bit competitive on the way, but a mountain setting takes your mind off the races. The sounds, sights, and scents of nature create a sense of tranquility that the asphalt and metal cars on the road can’t compete with, and you also get to breathe clean air instead of gasoline fumes and smoke. You don’t have to be on edge every instance, as there won’t be anything that can crash into you aside from your fellow bikers. Even if you do get into an accident, the mountain dirt is a lot more forgiving than asphalt, and there are no vehicles that can make your accident worse.

Better Workout

The uneven roads or paths of a mountain trail give you a better workout than the monotony of the road. You are forced to engage larger muscle groups and your core a lot more. One of the hardest-hit muscles in mountain biking would be your abdominal muscles. The uneven road requires you to spend more effort keeping your balance, and even if it might not seem so, just adjusting to the road is a great way to get those six-pack abs. The cleaner air is also a lot healthier for your lungs. Particulates on the road can enter your lungs and gradually impede your workout.

Makes You Better on the Road

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Regularly riding mountain trails will translate to better performance on the road. Mountain trails force you to adjust to various road conditions constantly, promoting faster reflexes, better balance, and quicker gear changes. The climbs will make you stronger, and the descents will challenge your ability to control your bike. More power allows you to sprint away from the pack during races, while finer control will enable you to weave through the crowd and disregard minor collisions that would have otherwise forced you down the road. If you ride at elevations of over 4,000 feet, it also makes your body more efficient in using oxygen and increases the number of red blood cells in your body.

Getting Started

If you ride a hybrid, you can easily switch tires and take it to the mountains. Road bikes might not be ideal, so you might want to purchase a dedicated mountain bike. You’ll need a bike rack for your car or truck, as hitting the trails might require a bit of travel. You can purchase bikes and racks in your local bike shops or even online. Just note that riding on mountain trails is very different from riding on roads. Take time to get used to the mountain roads before pushing it hard.

Relaxing rides in more challenging terrain? It’s a conundrum that you can only experience once you hit that mountain trail. Take your bike to the mountains and get a lot stronger on the roads.

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