Ways to Have Outdoor Fun This Summer

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Planning an excursion to the Beehive State this summer? Then here’s a hint for you: if you’re looking for an amazing adventure this season, travel about an hour away from Salt Lake City via the I-15 N until you reach Ogden.

This city packs a range of activities for families and friends, whether they desire a dip on the beach, day-trip fishing, a scenic hike, or a combination of outdoor fun and culture and history.

1. Enjoy the Waters of the Pineview Reservoir

Around eight miles of the city and at over 4,500 feet elevation of the Ogden Valley is the Pineview Reservoir, an extremely popular summer destination for Utahns and out-of-state visitors looking for a full day of water fun.

Often, guests here fish as the reservoir is teeming with a wide variety of species, from bass to trout, crappie, and bullhead catfish. They are welcome to bring their own boat, but most know that is such a hassle.

If you don’t want to burden yourself with towing and driving a boat here, you can opt for boat rentals available in Ogden Valley Sports. The choices are available in many sizes, so whether you’re traveling as a couple or a group, there’s one that’s waiting for you.

Please note that Utah requires a boating license, and those who wish to drive one but are below 16 years old should do so with some adult supervision.

What if you don’t have a license? Don’t worry; there are still plenty of things to do here. The waters are calm, which makes it perfect for paddleboarding and wakeboarding. All these activities come with safety equipment, such as life vests.

And if you think you’re likely to come here over and over this season, you can apply for a season boat launch pass, which costs $155. A weekly pass is about $75.

2. Take the Various Walking Trails

From swimming and fishing, you can exercise those legs and soak in the sceneries of Ogden by taking any of the walking trails. For beginners, there’s the Birdsong Trail that includes a pond, forest, and over five springs. There are a lot of places to rest, although fans of the trail call it a convenient walk.

Moreover, the trail links Bonneville Shoreline Trail, another easy walk, and the Twentieth and Fillmore Streets. This means that you can call someone to have you picked up after.

If you’re looking for some challenge, you can climb Malans Peak, which is part of a trail covering almost five miles. Here, you can get an amazing view of the surrounding communities and the Great Salt Lake. And if you still have more energy left, you can get past the basin and set up camp.

The route itself is easy, but since you’re taking yourself to the summit, some parts may be steep. This makes this trail an instant favorite among beginners ready to take a more moderate hike.

Probably the most famous of all walking trails in Ogden involves the Waterfall Canyon. Of the three mentioned here, this is actually the shortest at 2.4 miles. But it is not for the fainthearted because the path leading to the waterfalls isn’t only steep but also rocky.

You’ll also likely find yourself wading through waters as well, especially during this season. But the good news is the falls are magical, making it worth all the effort and the body pain after.

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3. Explore Fort Buenaventura

Ogden has a long list of indoor museums you can check out, but if you prefer to enjoy the sun this summer, one of the ideal destinations is Fort Buenaventura.

Located west of Ogden, this used to be the first European settlement developed by a trapper called Miles Goodyear and Captain Wells, his partner, in 1846. It served as a trading post for both travelers and trappers until the Mormons bought the fort and the surrounding land for less than $2,000 in 1847.

However, flooding forced the Mormons to abandon the site and build a new one a few miles away. Today, the remaining cabin is part of the Daughter of Utah Pioneers Museum.

Meanwhile, the area is a tourist attraction that includes a replica of the fort, walking trails, and picnic areas. Families and friends can also pitch tents for days or enjoy a full day of canoeing in the pond. Some spaces are also available for event rentals, such as weddings and birthdays, in case you like to make your summer even more memorable.

Make your summer getaway this year new, fresh, outdoorsy, and fun. If you want to be in Utah, don’t forget to add Ogden to your list.

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