Choosing a Night Vision Scope

rifle scope with night vision

Night vision scopes have changed over time. Nowadays, technological advancements make it possible to hunt in any night condition. Because the options abound on the market, how will you decide which one works best for you? For starters, know how they work. They typically have quality-objective lenses designed to intensify light. This is an important principle that should inform the type of glass that you pick.

Most hunting shops in Michigan sell scopes with thermal units that can tell the temperatures of different objects. You will see differences in color for a hot or cold object. When you choose scopes, you should consider the following features:

Magnification level

The higher the level of magnification in a scope, the better it will serve you at night. Note, however, that larger magnifications, over 10X, will demand that you invest in support. They need extra equipment to keep them steady as you shoot. A high magnification also means that your field of view will be short. So you will need to do your hunting in limited areas. At the same time, consider the magnification and how it affects weight. You want a scope that will serve you well but will not be unnecessary weight as you move. Typically, a range of between 3X and 5X is ideal for a newbie.

IR illumination

An infrared illuminator emits light in the infrared spectrum. The light emitted is reflected by nearby objects, allowing you to see through the scope. You will need to consider the illumination if you want the scope to serve you well. You do not want to pick a device that necessitates another light source. The scope needs to have the ability to amplify light from an infrared source. It also needs to give you clear images.


Hunter in the fall hunting season

When buying scopes, people often ignore this factor. They end up picking a scope because it is cheap, and unfortunately, it serves them only for a short time. Make sure that you invest in a device that can help you through different hunting seasons. The scope must also withstand harsh conditions without caving. Usually, scopes made with aluminum will offer the longest service life. You can look for additional features, like fog or waterproof.

Digital panel

There are scopes meant for hunting at night that have a digital board. This is a feature to consider if you desire a full experience. These panels gather light from different sources and convert them into digital forms that allow you to see images.

In the end, it is not enough to have the right scope when hunting; you must also have the right support equipment. Imagine spotting prey, and after stalking it for a while, you turn night vision on, and it turns black. This is a problem for many night hunters. A rule of thumb is always to carry extra batteries and make sure that they are charged. Note that filtering images or collecting sources of light will drain your battery, so you want to be prepared.

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