Break Out the Hammer and Credit Card: Reorganize Your Closet

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You’re at work or the weekly pickup basketball game and your boss or friends comment that you’ve been wearing the same pair of moccasins or trainers for the past few years, and you need to get rid of it quick. The comment makes you look at your closet the moment you get back home. To your horror, you realize that your closet hasn’t been updated since 2009.

Luckily, men’s fashion is as varied as fish in the ocean. Brands such as Bogner offer high-quality clothing if your local boutiques are not cutting it. The question is: What do you need to freshen up your wardrobe? Perhaps you need a pair of white Bogner ski pants for the winter. Or, you can do the following:

Redesign Your Closet

The first thing you need to do when re-organizing your wardrobe is to fix the structure of your closet. It’s different from the shape of a woman’s closet because while the variation of your clothing may not be as much as women, the lengths of your shirts and trousers will become an issue if your shelves are not properly proportioned.

You can literally restructure the shelves of your closet by building new cubbies to fit your foldable clothing, accessories, or shoes. Once you’re done, assign a space for each type of garment in your closet. A rack can be for shirts only, belts and other accessories are rolled up in a single cubby, and trousers could be hung up in another rack to prevent creasing.

Your seasonal clothing should be stored away and swapped with other seasonal clothing when the time comes. Lastly, keep the floor free from clutter for easier cleaning.

Oxford Shirts

man wearing an oxford shirt

A good oxford shirt can be a great option. There are many types of shirts to accommodate different occasions and body types. Prices can go under $100 up to a $1,000, but what really matters is having a sturdy, stylish shirt.

Shirts should have strong collars that could support any type of neckties, have a cut that fits the current fashion trend, stay tucked, and made of cloth that can help your skin breathe through blistering heat and shield it from cold AC blasts. Pair these shirts off with a good t-shirt for a more casual look.

A Full Suit

Suits are a modern gentleman’s armor and you need the best one. Pair the right color with the situation you’ll use the suit for. Would you wear a bright orange suit to a formal dinner or a stoic pure black to a light garden party?

Double-breasted jackets may look good in movies, not so much in 2019. Check the buttons, pockets, and back of your jacket. These aspects can affect the fit. If you’re going for RTW (ready to wear) one, bring the suit in for a bit of tailoring to make it look fashionably fit.

At Least Three Pairs of Shoes

Unless you’re a CEO practicing Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg’s “same three shirts” aesthetic, you can’t get away with wearing the same pair of trainers every day. Own at least three pairs of shoes: canvas sneakers, brown leather boots, and black oxford dress shoes.

And at the end of the day, enjoy your clothes and show off your personal style. Having the most expensive suit on the rack means nothing if you don’t look confident in it.

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