3 Creative Ways to Market Your Bowling Alley

Playing on a bowling alley

Bowling ranks as one of the most popular participatory sports in the world. Players of all ages can take part in this and have tons of fun with their friends. This popularity also makes bowling a lucrative business, as evidenced by more than 4,000 bowling alleys in the country.

With such a high level of competition, you must apply every trick in the book when marketing your brand new custom commercial bowling alley. Only then can you build a loyal following and create a successful, thriving business. Here are some handy marketing tricks to grow your venture:

Give back to your customers

Bowling is a fun and laid-back sport, and you can use that to your advantage. The game lends itself to group activities that help people strengthen social ties and make new friends. Organizing mixers where singles of all ages can meet up for a game can get people through the doors.

While unorthodox, such a move makes a great marketing strategy as it affords you a chance to give back to your customers. Bowling mixers allow people with a shared interest to meet up and have fun. You can count on them to draw in a regular crowd, which translates into a booming business for you.

Rope in a charity

Charities often need venues to hold fundraisers so they can raise money for their charitable causes. You can help them achieve their goal while growing your business by holding fundraisers in your bowling alley. Approach a prominent charity and offer to host a bowl-off in your gallery.

Bowlers can pay an entry fee to cover the lane fees, and you can create a custom set of rules to raise the money. For instance, you can predetermine how much money a player contributes to charity for each strike and what each spare does for the charity as well.

Hosting a high-profile event at your bowling premises create a considerable buzz around your business. A charity bowl-off is likely to grab the attention of local news stations, which results in invaluable exposure for your brand. You also get to ride the wave of popularity on social media to grow your business reach and exposure.

Actively seek customer feedback

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Remember that all the money your business stands to make is in the hands of your patrons. The only way you can persuade these people to splurge some of your hard-earned money is by making them feel special. That means meeting and surpassing their expectations in terms of service delivery.

Successful businesses actively listen to and solicit feedback from their clients and customers. Have customers rate your services and point out its shortcomings. Seeking for their opinion shows that you care and that they mean more to you than just a sale.

Heed to customers when they demand faster service, cleaner restrooms, or better food. It’s more expensive to lose a regular customer than to retain one. Reward every customer who fills out a survey with a free drink.

Bowling is a popular sport that makes a lucrative business venture. Getting creative with your marketing strategy can get your brand noticed and grow your reach. It can also help you overcome stiff competition in the sector.

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